How to start your fitness journey

How to start your fitness journey, when you haven’t exercise for a long time.

2020!!! What a challenging year its been so far, not only mentally but physically too. One’s mind is such a powerful thing. If one brain wire doesn’t work properly, the chances for the next brain wire to work is pretty slim and that’s why mental and physical goes so well together. How can you start a fitness journey (physical) if your mental health is not up to par? And that’s why the saying goes “you become what you think of yourself”. But my dearest friends, I have to break it to you by saying that a mental health state starts with you!!! NOW!!!! 

Being in winter suppresses the mood too. We over eat, it’s to cold to start exercising, work are keeping us from being physically active and who wants to get out of a cozy warm bed to exercise??? If you choose any of the above mentioned, then fitness is not a priority to you. But don’t feel bad you are not the only one thinking so.

How to beat the exercise blues: 

First things first, you cant beat yourself up for not making time for fitness. Best way to start is by getting and keeping a positive attitude. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with your body, think about your long term goals… yes you read right… setting long term goals are a very important step to victory and how you will look once you reach your goals.

Secondly fitness is for everybody and we all need it to stay healthy and to get that extra points for discovery and of course to be the best version of ourselves. Fitness is not a race, it’s a journey. By competing with the next door neighbor, it can have a negative effect, especially if  she is Miss Face of Fitness. You have to do it for YOURSELF and not for ANYONE else… below are some starting up tips:

1. Get a health checkup

If you have not trained in ages, best is to go to your doctor first for a health check up (and then maybe get hit in the face with your current  reality). You need to understand where you at so you can make the most of your journey and to prevent injury.

2. Take photos

It’s probably the last thing you want to do but by taking them you will be able to accurately track your progress. Photos need to be taken in your sport bra and panties.

3. Measure treasure

In addition to your photos, grab a measurement tape and take your measurement. The combination of the two will help you chart your progress. Do 2 week check ins with yourself by writing everything down. It will help you stay motivated when you start to feel that you’re not making progress. That’s where the photos will work its miracles too, BUT REMEMBER CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

4. Set goals

By setting goals, it will make you feel accountable and it will give that extra push we need to move. Start by exercising 2 x a week and go for a nice long power walk in the afternoon. Getting fresh air will not only stimulate your mood but it will help you build your cardio up too. Unfortunately there is NO short cut. Being Miss Face of Fitness takes not only discipline but years of being constant with your exercise (that’s the healthy way). Popping a fat burner is DEFINITELY NOT THE WAY OUT to fit in a size 10. 

5. Find what works for you

Take time to figure out what best suits you… Is it online training with a personal trainer, following a fitness program or Pilates. Start by doing light exercises like walking or cycling, be realistic with yourself!! 

6. Plan your day

Remember fitness requires an active state of making consistent decisions! Are you going to work out in the mornings? Lunch hour? Or are you more of a afternoon person? I prefer mornings, you just feel more refreshed and ready to take the day by it’s horns after a nice workout. So pick your days and time and stick to it. Make it part of your routine, if you pick the morning, take time to prep the previous night for your workout. By doing so it will help you ease into things.

7. Be prepared to fail

Remember life happens, so don’t be to hard on yourself when life gives you a curve ball. Failure is not permanent. Accept your failure, dust yourself off and start again.

8. Allow time to rest

When you are learning your body how to start working out, you have to allow your body a chance to rest too. If you push your body too hard, you could injure yourself or you could burn out and that will put you back in square one. By resting your body you are allowing your body to recovery and that’s very important.

Remember to believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. Master your mindset and you’ll master your body. 

Everything starts with you NOW.